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GPF – Cumikaze (Album)

GPF – Cumikaze (Album)

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This is CUMIKAZE, the totally not anticipated new GPF album featuring the magical vocal skills of J1zzy. Why not anticipated? Because no one knew this one was cumming, and it’s cumming hard! Masked midgets have placed a few boxes in front of our doorstep over the weekend which contained a limited stock of this album so be quick to order your very hard copy before they sell out!


Tracklist GPF x Jizzy – Cumikaze:
01. Cummin On Your Face
02. J1zzy Calls The Greazy Boiz (Skit)
03. Laddy-Daddy-Daddy
04. H8er Has A Small Peniz (Skit)
05. Micro Penis
06. Cum Shot
07. Can’t Remember A Fucking Thing (Skit)
08. Grey Poupon Mustard
09. Rupapumcum
10. G3t Out Of My H3ad!1111! (Skit)
11. Who’s Your Daddy
12. Puzzy Rain
13. Greig Goes To A Shrink (Skit)
14. Sound Of Cricketz
15. Get Ur Fucking Jacket (It’s Over Skit

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