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Deztination Sweden

Deztination Vintage Echo Lanyard

Deztination Vintage Echo Lanyard

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Step into the pulsating rhythms of Deztination's early beats with the Deztination Vintage Echo Lanyard. Enveloped in a captivating azure hue, this lanyard becomes a portal to the vibrant party vibes of the past. On one side, immerse yourself in a visual journey through iconic moments—Partycrowds dancing, lasers painting the air, and DJs setting the beats ablaze.

At the heart of this vintage masterpiece, our inaugural Deztination logotype stands proudly. This lanyard isn't just an accessory; it's a tribute to the birthplace of the beats. Slightly smaller at 50 x 2, with a front part measuring 2x11.5, it invites you to relive the energy where the beats began.

Key Features:

  1. Vintage Echo Design: A single-sided canvas echoing the vibrant party vibes of early Deztination events—immersing you in the dance floor magic of Partycrowds, lasers, and DJs.

  2. Inaugural Deztination Logotype: Our first logo proudly graces this lanyard, celebrating the roots and the evolution of Deztination.

  3. Compact and Stylish: Measuring 50 x 2, with a 2x11.5 front part, it's a slightly smaller yet stylish accessory that carries the echoes of Deztination's beginnings.

  4. Azure Elegance: Wrapped in an enchanting azure hue, this lanyard exudes an elegant and vintage vibe, making it a unique addition to your Deztination memorabilia.

  5. Versatile Attachment: Equipped with a metal carabiner and plastic plug-in fastener for easy and secure attachment.

Relive the Beats. Embrace the Vintage. Secure your Deztination Vintage Echo Lanyard now and let the echoes of the past dance in your Deztination journey!

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